About The Maker

Lisa Baldwin Seamstress

Welcome to Sew Very Peculiar!

This shop has been a long time in the making. I’ve been sewing, crocheting, knitting (and more) for over twenty years, and I have made an on again off again business of it while juggling homeschooling our four kids, occasionally working outside of the home, and squirreling off in all the many directions that life takes us.

In the past three years, I’ve started to find my maker’s “voice” and from that discovery, Sew Very Peculiar was born. Mostly, I’m sewing bags, totes, toys, decorative items, and custom gifts. The struggle is real with focusing on one thing, so often you’ll find I’ve crocheted something, or knitted something, or took up a random skill in order to make an embellishment (because why buy it if I can make it, right?)

Like the vibe here, but don’t see just the right thing? Please reach out to me here or on social media! I take three custom orders a month, and I would love to create something JUST FOR YOUR PECULIAR STYLE!

~Lisa B