What's On My Hook: Technicolor Dream Coat

Good morning my hooking friends!

As it is with most crocheters, I have multiple projects going at any given time. I think I have three personal projects in progress plus one project that is for the crochet class I teach at our local theatre. I have a free form neon blankie that I am making for my teen daughter, a mosaic crochet blanket I started for myself, and my current favorite project: The Technicolor Dream Coat by Earth Tricks.

If you click over to the Ravelry listing, you'll see her original coat is done in a two beautiful colorways. She uses bulky yarn and a size K hook. I decided to make mine using yarn that was gifted to me, mostly hand me down stuff, full of add colors and fiber content.

Since I'm not using a bulky yarn, I took my hook size down a bit and decided to give it a go with my new Furls Streamline Swirl hook my in-law's gifted me for Christmas. I may need to alter all my patterns to work with a size I just so I can keep using this hook!

I started out in one size, but moved up a size and added a few rows (the pattern has excellent instructions on where and how to do this) to give me a little extra wiggle room. Thankfully, it made it just big enough for me and too big for my daughter's to try and steal it!

I'll update this post as I make progress.

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