The "Samantha" Block - Mother's Garden Afghan - new crochet pattern

I used to avoid granny squares like they were the plague. I could not imagine why anyone would want to weave in all those color changes, or hand stitch all those blocks together. Then one day, I found myself with an abundance of random yarn and a sweet request from the Mr. to please use what I had before I tried to hide anymore skeins in the cupboards.

The resulting granny square afghan made me giddy, and the color changes and weaving of ends wasn't nearly as tedious as I had always believed. It inspired me to design my own granny square type blanket! The Mother's Garden Afghan would look amazing in a single color, or multi-colored (both planned colorway or scrappy).

I'm only releasing the pattern one block at a time, I won't even share pictures! Each block is named after one of my children. Four kids equals 8 blocks. There's more to the afghan but I don't want to give away the surprise!

Feel free to use the pattern directly from the blog, or you can purchase a downloadable, printable pdf directly from our shop.

It's my first pattern! So please be gentle!

My pattern testers let me know, that even though this pattern is pretty easy, the placement of the stitches is tricky to explain using just words, so I worked up a video tutorial to go with the pattern.