Inside the Studio: My Sewing Machines

I do more than simply hoard yarn and fabric. It appears I have a slight addiction to sewing machines.

Maybe that's not entirely true, as I have only actually purchased one sewing machine ever and that was for our daughter. I don't even recall helping to pick them out. My husband loves to surprise me... I mean, spoil me.

I'll tell the story of how I acquired these machines another day, for now I'm just going to share with you what I am currently using. I have six, mostly functioning, machines (not counting my daughter's).

I'm sure you can tell which one is my favorite. *cough* Juki *cough*

My husband ordered the Juki as a surprise for me when I was struggling to free motion quilt on my Futura. It wasn't really the Futura's fault. I had sewn on it extensively for years and I doubt I had done any maintenance on it at all. I didn't know how important it was for me to clean and oil my machines!

It was showing signs of tension issues and the narrow throat made it hard to maneuver even my small quilt. So while I

was fussing with my machine, my husband ordered me something better.

The Juki is a workhorse! At 1500 stitches per minute, my projects are a breeze. Not only does it easily stitch through multiple layers of fabric and batting, but it hems denim and other heavy fabrics with ease.

My only issue, is that this particular machine only does straight stitches. This is great for quilting, and for most of my sewing needs. I just hop over to the Futura when I need a zigzag, or when I want to use my ruffler foot.

**My husband has tried to buy me another Juki that does a variety of stitches, but since I have yet to win the lottery..... my other machines will work just fine.**

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