Five Minute Recap - Wednesday April 20, 2022

I really should start writing something more often that requires me to write down the date. Holy cow, it's already the 20th of April!!

I haven't written a post in forever. I feel like I haven't done much of anything, beyond tread water, for forever. I'll have to save that story for another day. In trying to keep moving forward, I have to take baby steps. For today, that's writing up a five minute recap of today's events in the studio; which I will have to muster while my children stand at the door asking me when I'm coming in the house.

My plan for today was to test stitch out a cute key fob idea, and then to cut the fabric for our daughter's costume. She has a small but important role in a film in two weeks, and I am making her Edwardian dress (not fancy, they were poor). The pattern is cut out, now it's time to cut the fabric.

I'm basically just stalling at this point. I'll tackle it tomorrow. First thing, but it did not get done today.


My embroidery machine, "Baby", decided it was waiting for servicing no more. Instead of simply stopping and doing what needed to be done, I kept doing ONE thing and then trying to stitch again.

At the end of the day, it is much better, and has fresh oil and new needles and good cleaning, but what should have taken me a couple hours took ALL DANG DAY

The key fobs are O.K., they went to the kids. My idea worked, but my measurements were off a bit. I know better for next time.

The zippered bags....well, it's obvious that I was interrupted 1000 times while I was working on the design plan. One has no lining and the other... I went stupid. WHY I ironed (with steam mind you) the first panel (consisting of all cotton batting) before adding it to the second panel, I will never understand. One side is clearly smaller, and while I fixed it... I mean, I did managed to get all the parts together, it's not sellable, and my kids get yet ANOTHER one of my creations today.

I really need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Most of my wasted time today was because I wanted to design it myself, when there are plenty of base projects already out there with all the kinks worked out. *sigh*

Time to finish fixing dinner. Time to close the studio and call it a day. Tomorrow I WILL cut the fabric for the dress, and I will pick ONE pattern, that I already have, and I already know how to assemble. I will use what I already have to add my own peculiar decorations to it, and I will NOT get distracted.

Right? Right! Hold me accountable. PLEASE. Check out my social media and if I go live, please hop on and make sure I'm not squirreling off somewhere.

Thanks for all of your love and support y'all.

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