Digging Out The Studio

My craft studio resides in the front 15 or so feet of a 40-ft long “shed”. The rest is allocated to family stuff, musical equipment, and the train table.

Since my area is right at the front door, it never fails that during busy times, noone who needs to carry something to the shed can carry it in farther than the front ten feet.

In order for to successfully launch this site, and work towards my 2021 goals, I HAD to get my space back in order. Yarn has taken over every basket in the house. My beads and jewelry stamping supplies are, I believe, currently under a stack of my folded laundry. My sweet Juki is perched upon my kitchen table. All because I couldn’t work in my studio.

The project is totally overwhelming, and I rarely get a full day to tackle something of this magnitude. To keep for procrastinatin, I set a small goal of 30 minutes a week to spend on cleaning it up.

After today’s progress, I am feeling rather motivated to return tomorrow!

Do you ever find that deciding that it is okay to tackle big projects in baby steps sometimes motivates you to tackle more of it??

I shared my progress with my TikTok followers:

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