5 Minute Recap. From a cold bath.

(So my app crashed as I was typing, so I am now typing NOT from my cold bath... but I'm not changing the title. My blog, my rules)

I'm days behind on posting my recaps, and if you've been there for any of my "Lives" this week, then you've heard me apologize for not getting them done. It's been A WEEK y'all. The Edwardian dress is done, the Edwardian-ish undergarments are done... if Bernadette Banner sees the film I can only pray she goes easy on me. I think I can totally justify the styling, and maybe even the fabric, but please don't let the director get close ups of the stitching. It is REALLY hard to sew properly with an excited teenager talking your head off the entire time.

I was all set to finish my Beach Bag (commissioned) today, but after ripping out the same two rows of stitching TWICE and realizing that I had done THOSE stitches correctly, it was the OTHER two that were backwards, I decided to set it aside and work on something else.

I really should have called it a day, and simply watched a movie with the kids. Instead, I started on a bag (McCall's Pattern), in quilting cotton just to test it out. My plan was to use it tomorrow at the shoot. The bag pattern was the base for an idea I had and I was excited to show my friend (she will be at the shoot). Unfortunatly, mistakes were made, I didn't have it in me to rip out another stitch today.

Note to self: When you make a point to do a little dance because you remembered to cut the direction print out correctly, but then you sew two pieces together and notice the directional print is upside down... DO NOT assume that you were mistaken in your dancing earlier. You were not. You were justified in dancing, because you DID remember to watch the direction of the print HOWEVER YOU HAVE NOW STITCHED IT ON UPSIDE DOWN.

I was upset. I hid in the bathtub, my poor barely lukewarm bath (because my teenage daughter didn't leave me any hot water), and I pouted for a bit. Now all I am focusing on is the things I learned from all the mishaps.

Trust me, there were many, many more mishaps.... but most of them were from me trying something new for the first time and not getting it quite right on the first try. It only took my 40 years to realize that not being perfect on the first try doesn't mean I can't try again. Come Monday, I'll be live from the SVP Studio (probably around 8-8:30am EST), come chat with me will I get in some seam ripping practice! #JustKeepSewing

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